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The Barbarians and Harmony

It would be utterly nonsensical to appeal to reason where reason is in no way involved. This is the reign of the wild nature, so that one can understand and explain anything, but without the power to change.

Unfortunately, the humanity has not yet grown to the level of reason, and there may be doubts that it will get there at least in a distant future. Quite probably, we are just a dead offshoot in the tree of universal development, an abortive experiment of nature, one of those innumerable contingencies that form the background for the sprouts of historical necessity to come out. In a few hundred million years, when the galactic wind zones of our Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy will get in touch, the resulting hard radiation will wipe out any trace of life from the both galaxies, long before their eventual collusion; this is yet another sort of wild nature that would not leave us no other option.

Meanwhile, let us go on demonstrating our inherent savagery and proving that we deserve indeed a definitive eradication.

One could spend several lives enumerating the possible manifestations of the human meanness. One is no better than another. Just for example, take the parasitism of politicians. Hundreds of social and antisocial institutions give shelter to filthy figures debating the principles of national and international law, thousands of media hacks dilute this crap to a watery consistence in order to wash the brains of the millions of petty people... Where is logic? The last dolt understands that the issue is all about the partition of plunder, and everybody tries to snatch a tasty morsel by the available means: some by force, some by arrogance; and there are those who just wait for the right moment to filch anything left lying around loose. Nobody is going to ask the prey about their opinions. And, of course, no talk can influence anybody's views, just because there are no views at all, and all we find is mere animal drive and the range of as animal modes of its reduction.

Admit that the USA and their NATO satellites have just arranged for yet another coup d'état. It would be quite logical to expect that they should entirely support their stooges, regardless of the words and acts of the silly puppets, and paying no attention to the objections of the other interested parties. No arguments will go; no response to any appeals. It is self-evident that nothing can be legitimate after an armed revolt eliminating the former state together with all its laws; one has yet to cultivate a new legality for the new global realities, and nobody is obliged to concede it in advance. But the new-born junta and their sponsors will certainly treat any attempts to pinch from their "lawful" booty as a crying insolence, an encroachment upon the most sacred, and an intolerable liberty; any opposition from the prey is therefore utter terrorism. To crack down on the lovers of somebody else's pie, any means will do. Lie, bribery, economic blockade and political sanctions, provocations, military intervention, undisguised genocide... It's all the same. And they are right, in a way, those conquistadors of high politics: indeed, they put in a lot of money and effort, they had to do so much tiresome murder; and here, the outsiders trying to hang on... One feels hurt, after all!

But what can they do? Let wolves have the wolfish, and the jackals have the jackalish. With all those bombastic tirades rending the air, the humans have no rights at all until they get humanlike, that is, capable of thinking about something to give up rather than something to take away—or, at least, of just some thinking. Yet tummy-rumbling and missile volleys can hardly ever be called a harmonious accompaniment to thought and beauty.

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