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Nothing's Wasted!

In the whole of the world, each individual thing takes its objectively necessary place, and there is nothing that would not accrue to the world's integrity. In particular, everybody's life is necessary in its way, and the whole of the humanity needs each and every its member. Still, the individual contributions can be different in kind, belonging to the different levels of the world's organization. Mere existence is qualitatively different from biological life, and animal behavior is not the same as conscious activity. As a biological body, or inanimate thing, a person is only a part of the material basis of consciousness and reason; with the development of subjectivity as universal mediation, one's influence on the whole of the world increases beyond any limit.

Any conscious act implies a change in the world that is bound to infinitely propagate and never entirely disappear, though possibly taking different forms and merging with the traces of other acts. In most cases, one cannot separate one influence from another, and ascribe a particular effect to a single personality; however, this does not mean that the contribution of an individual is negligible. One's existence and life can support somebody else's subjectivity, thus joining the whole in an indirect way.

Any kind of conscious activity is equally universal, though it may be difficult sometimes to specify its product. Consciousness means creativity, and hence the development of the world in its integrity. Regardless of one's occupation, creative approach is enough to give it universal significance, which makes one a representative of the whole world.

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