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Non-Proliferation of Dominance

The debates on whether the innocent victims of American bombers in Iraq would be sanctioned by UN, or the sanction of US military functionaries would be enough, was an excellent example of the hypocritical nature of the bourgeois legality. Any law is in the interests of those in power and against those in need. The ruling classes dictate their rules to the world they exploit and plunder. On the global scale, this leads to dividing all the countries to those having right and those that must obey orders. All the body of the international law is nothing but disguise for that simple rule.

How can it come, that one country prescribed the forms of government to another? Why should one country be concerned about the name of the other country's president or the work of its mass media? And, of course, in a world of global equality, each country would decide on itself, which scientific and technological research to support, and which weapon choose for its army.

Even if Iraq or Northern Korea had nuclear weapons, nobody has any right to forbid them possessing it. One could reasonably admit that, for such countries, this might be the only way to prevent aggression from the outside. If Cuba, for example, had ever installed nuclear missiles targeted to the USA, this was well justified by its obvious exposure to the US militarism. The USA, NATO, or the United Nations, have a strange habit to decide on who will be given the privilege of national security, and who will be always at the risk of invasion. But where is the greatest danger? Look at the USA. They have all kinds of weapons, including weapons of mass destruction. The nation has been brought up on the cult of brutal force, violence and murder, and aggression is in the blood of its citizens. They can, without a slightest hesitation, sacrifice a few thousand lives to obtain a pretext for a world-wide war for absolute dominance; ruining the twin towers in New York might well be a monstrous provocation by the CIA (no other evidence has been provided so far).

Of course, there are millions of Americans who are against any war, deep in their heart. But they will tamely vote for it, too, under social pressure. They cannot fancy any other nation to have the right to be as independent and as powerful. Any pretence like that is immediately interpreted as a threat to US national security and global interests. However, the very idea of global interests is already aggression, striving for the world dominance. Better think about yourselves, and let the others care about their own affairs.

Until recently, Americans could comfortably adhere to such a disastrous policy, since there was no real threat to the USA from any other global force. Today, in the era of globalization, no country is safe enough, despite all its economic and military power. Devastation of Grenada, Lebanon, Libya, Serbia, Afghanistan, and many more countries, will return in powerful blows to the core infrastructure of US economy, by mass terror using all kinds of means, including biological and chemical weapons and cyberterrorism. A country that wants to be the master of world, that wants to subdue other nations to its economical and political interests, should be prepared to meet as global retort, and perish in ruins; this is the fate of any empire.

Do not spit on the world, or else the world will spit on you and you'll get drowned.

However, it won't the world divided into numerous nations struggling with each other for a bit of monopoly and ephemeral supremacy. It will be the world of people that do not want to be exploited and do not want to exploit others. Objectively, the formation of super-powers establishing their world dominance leads to the consolidation of all the exploited nations, and the boundaries between the countries and cultures get erased due to the efforts of both the global capitalism, striving for worldwide dictatorship, and the global anti-imperialistic movement uniting in the face of the powerful enemy. Someday, the economic system of capitalism will become utterly incompatible with global economy, and the super-powers, trying to devour the whole world will burst of gluttony.

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