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Cattle Reason?

A great date! On March 11, 2003, Radio France Internationale announced the creation of yet another international body. The International Criminal Court, to be opened in The Hague, has been empowered by the United Nations to judge the crimes against humanity.

Leaving aside the absurdity of the very word "justice", and the impossibility of international law as such, one could only wonder at a pompous phrase, coined by some Dominique Maraud (I may have misspelled the name, translating it from Russian), who was presented by an RFI journalist as one the 18 judges elected to the ICC: "Now, the dictators of all sorts will have to seriously think about the consequences of their actions. Where there is no longer impunity, reason takes place."

So that is what they call reason: dumb obedience, yielding to the force of the arms. Or, rather, what they want to sell as reason to those who are not intended to have any reason at all, and whose obedience is all they need.

When a dozen of gangsters come together and decide that they will jointly punish those who do not pay them the tribute they impose, this is called the triumph of freedom and a great success in the struggle for human rights! What is meant under the "human rights" in this context? The right of those in power to suppress those in misery, the right of the rich to enslave the poor. Is that right so much human?

Today, a small group of the countries that have made their well-being on the bones and blood of their colonies assumes the right to tell those former colonies what is right, and what is wrong, and how they should build their social and economic system. All such advice is saturated by economic and political interest, and the desire to continue draining the others' wealth to the wallets of the "true democracies".

Yes, there are numerous dictators, and there are cruel regimes that can hardly attract any sympathy. But please look at yourselves! Are you so noble and sincere as you pretend to be? Isn't your praised democracy just a disguise for the dictatorship of money, the worst dictatorship of all? Why do you think that those dreaming about a society where there would be no people for sale are worse than you, who can only dream about more profit? You call a leader of another country a criminal, and you kill thousands of his compatriots to make the rest agree with you and bear all the humiliation you put on their nation. You can allow yourselves an obvious lie, and you don't even try to prove anything, you just demonstrate the truth of tanks and bombers. For instance, one could open the Internet page of the ICC at and easily find that there is no Dominique Maraud in the list of judges, and no name having a merest resemblance. Nothing like that also in the complete list of judges admitted to the first tour of elections.

Well, nobody expects anything but lie from bourgeois propaganda, that's normal. They have already decided who is guilty, and all the court listening is only to demonstrate their a priori decision to the world, to intimidate the others, to kill the very desire of rebellion. And this fear will be called reason.

Do we need a reason like that? Do we need being treated like breed cattle?

No, we don't. We want to be humans, and our first right is to decide ourselves, what to do and how to build our lives. We don't need foreign capitalists to drain our natural and human resources, and national capitalists to sell us away. We don't want to live in the society where the only human right is the right to work around the clock for a miserable salary, or no salary at all. We don't want universal values nominated in dollars, or in euros. We don't need NATO bombers on our heads, and NATO slayers in our cities. And we don't need UN judges to blame us, when we fight for our human rights, thus showing a little bit more reason that we are allowed.

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