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Introduction to Philosophy

This section partially opens the manuscripts of an unfinished book, written in 1992-1997.

All texts are in Russian.

I. The Idea of Philosophy
    1. Philosophy and Humans
        Why All the Fuss?
        What Is It Like?
        Forms of Philosophy
        Object-Oriented Philosophy
        Philosophy and Language
        Philosophy and the Sense of Life
    2. Philosophy and the World
        Philosophy as History
    3. The Principal Problem
        The Integrity of the World
        The Facets of Integrity
        Integrity and Diversity
II. The Grounds of Philosophy
    1. Philosophy as a Hierarchy
        Phenomenal Philosophy
    2. The Universals
            Material, Form, Content
            Singularity, Speciality, Generality
        Categorial Schemes
            Categories of Schemes
            Links and Mediations
    3. Philosophical Themes
        The World as Such
            Reproduction of the World
            Levels of Time
            Infinity and Creative Work
        Humans and the World
            Reason as Activity
        The Human World
            Reproduction of the Subject
                Artistic Quality
III. Philosophical Problems
    1.Philosophy of Nature
    2. Philosophy of the Spirit
        The Hierarchy of the Spirit
            The Sublime
            Logic and Hierarchies
            Discreteness and Continuity
            The Substance of Logic
            Morals and Morality
            The Ethical Imperative and Freedom
    3. Philosophy of Culture

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